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Our moulding, also known as EPS architectural details, consist of a body of expanded polystyrene (EPS), glue, a fibreglass mesh reinforcement and a cement base coat. The base coat provides a high-strength, high-bond portland cement substrate that forms a hard, durable, water-resistant surface.

We can manufacture virtually any shape if a clearly dimensioned drawing is provided. We can also create returns for windows and mitre join corners for large projects. Simply send us the applicable inside measurements. We will account for complexities such as jams on the window. It will require additional footage being ordered and a shop fee will be applied.

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There are three types of cement coatings available:

Standard Coating

A polymer-modified portland cement base material for use with regular acrylic stucco details. This is the ideal smooth base coat for colour finishes

All our products are available in this coating option and for ordering purposes, it is referred to as standard or acrylic.

Rough Coating

As the name implies, it is a rougher coating and is applied in the same manner as the standard acrylic coating. It has the same properties as the standard coat. It simply offers different style option.

All our products enclosed can have this coating applied. For ordering purposes, it is referred to as a rough or Merlex finish.

Paint Grade Coating

We offer a paint grade product. Paint grade is a high quality, hand applied smooth finish. However, it cannot be made perfectly smooth. We will apply a sealant if it is requested but we recommend that the sealant be applied on site

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