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What's EIFS?

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are multi-layered exterior wall systems typically called "Stucco" that are used on both commercial buildings and homes. They provide superior energy efficiency and offer much greater design flexibility than other cladding products.

Developed in Europe in the 1950s, EIFS were introduced in the U.S. almost 40 years ago. For Toronto area it's the best option to cover over old brick with stucco coating or EIFS System. They were first used on commercial buildings, and later, on homes.

Today, EIFS account for nearly 40% of the Canada commercial exterior wall market. EIFS typically consist of the following components.


Typical Stucco Components

  • Tar paper or another type of weather-resistive material
    • Galvanized metal lath
    • Scratch coat of Portland cement and sand
    • Brown coat of cement and sand
    • Finish coat


  • Stucco work is done by specialty contractors called lath and plastering contractors. Lathing and plastering are highly specialized trades. Stucco work should only be done by those with proper training and understanding of plaster systems.

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