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Typical Stucco Components

* Tar paper or another type of weather-resistive material
* Galvanized metal lath.
* Scratch coat of Portland cement and sand.
* Brown coat of cement and sand
* Finish coat


* Water resistant
* Variety of finish styles and textures
* Performance in a variety of climates, enduring wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles.
* Fire-resistive qualities
* High abuse and impact resistance
* Acrylic finishes can be applied to the cement brown coat
* Foam shapes may be used to provide desired architectural elements such as quoins, keystones, arches, cornices, and decorative bands.


Stucco work is done by specialty contractors called lath and plastering contractors. Lathing and plastering are highly specialized trades. Stucco work should only be done by those with proper training and understanding of plaster systems.

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